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We make people laugh. Welcome to the LOL Agency. We help companies, individuals and non profits find a comedian for hire in Los Angeles, California. We are a Comedian Agency with a focus on providing the best value for stand up comedians for private parties and events. We get calls all the time for fundraisers, corporate parties, Christmas parties and everything else in between. Our huge roster of comedians are available to book in Los Angeles, California. Our comics love performing for people and want to make your party or event a memorable one. Call The LOL Agency Now.

About LOL Agency

We currently have over 2,000 comedians to choose from. With such a large talented roster of comedians you are sure to be able to Hire A Corporate Comedian in Los Angeles, California. Our local comedians range from actually living in Los Angeles, California to a few hours away. We have the ability to send you videos of our comedians, so that you can see which comedians near you would work best for your event. We are not a discount comedy booking agency, but we do provide a massive value. Cheap does not mean good, so when we say we have the lowest prices... we really do mean it. We provide top quality customer care and communication all the way from the initial booking until after the event. With so many bookings that we do on a monthly basis we have massive buying power, to help you and your company get the best pricing available.

Hiring a comedian can be very complicated. You try and find a local comedian, but they might not have the kind of set you are looking for. Not every really good comedian has a website either. So, how do you find these super funny stand up comedians to hire for your private party, Christmas party, fund raiser or corproate event? Well that is where we come in. LOL Agency has been in the comedian booking business for over 10 years and with our vast network of funny comics we can make sure that we deliver the right funny person for your next event. We have been trusted by Google, Verizon and other major companies in the past, so when you work with us, you work with the best.

Our Services

  • Corporate Comedians
  • Clean Comedians
  • Christian Comedians
  • Female Stand Up Comedians
  • Comedians For Fundraisers
  • Private Party Comics

Why Choose us

We Over Deliver

We make hiring a comedian in Los Angeles, California so easy that you will come back to us year after year.

Easy Process

You hire a comedian to have a great time. That is what we will provide. A top quality comedian in Los Angeles California that is sure to have you and your team rolling.

Low Pricing

We offer the largest portfolio of comedians in the country. Take advantage of our experience.

What our customers have to say

“We used Lol Agency to help us with our last sales "hoorah session". They over delivered by 100% . Our sales staff was super pumped up when the comic started doing lines from Glenn Gary Glenn Ross. Thanks guys!”

Nick Tolipas
Sales Manager

"We Used LOL Agency for our post IPO party and the comedian... well she killed it. Threw in some jokes about failed IPO's which had us chuckling. Thanks so much!"

Cyrus Broadstein
App Developer

"Our fresh water project fund raiser went off without a hitch. We hired a "christian comedian" with the understanding that this was in a church and we needed a clean act. Comedian killed it and people are asking when we can do another event... I said as soon as they organize it. Hiring a comedian was the easiest part of the fundraiser by far, thank you so much!"

Jeanie Peterson
Product Manager

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Our Comics love performing for get togethers large and small. So call us today about working with our team and comics.

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