Bentley Continental GT Speed

One of the most powerful productions of Bentley till date happens to be the Continental GT Speed. It was the first to touch the top speed of 200 mph. A potent addition of the highly successful Continental series of the company, GT speed extends the appeal of the Coupe style Continental GT to the enthusiasts of driving, who place a high value on agile handling and the outright performance.

The extraordinary style, mainly the exterior of the new models Continental GT Speed and Continental GT, is defined by a lower and wider air intake, more upright radiator grille, which also provides the airflow, and increased to the powerful GT Speed. The speed of the Continental GT Speed’s 600 bhp W12 engine will develop 9 percent higher power and 15 percent higher torque when compared to the standard Continental GT, while the efficiency of the engine is optimized by the lighter weight elements, a new management system and the usage of lower friction.

The resultant performance is exceptional, which has a top speed of 202 mph. The sprint time of the car is 4.3 seconds to rise to 60 mph. It has an effortless overtaking capability. While coming to compliment the high performance of the Continental GT Speed is the unique chassis tune of it, which delivers the improved agility and tauter handling. It has new and wider wheels of 20 inch and carbon ceramic brakes, which are fade resistant. Dark tinted front grille, larger sports tailpipes and subtle design touches will reinforce the sporting character of the model named Continental GT Speed.

The legendary Speed models, which first appeared in the year 1923 was the inspiration for GT Speed. Already the engineering superiority of Bentley was established in terms of braking, handling and road holding but the founder of the company W.O.Bently recognized that the potential of the market from a more potent version which is aimed at the enthusiastic driver who demanded the ultimate performance.

Continental GT, which is an all wheel drive vehicle had changed the face of the luxury market of Coupes and attracted many people towards the brand of Bentley. The representation of the first step in the renaissance of Bentley is also done. Since the launch of the vehicle, demand for a sport version of Continental GT was met by the launch of the 2005 model of GT Mulliner driving specification and the limited number of GT Diamond Series in the year 2006, in order to celebrate the completion of 60 years of Bentley at Crewe.

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